About Us


In late 2010, a group of physicians within the Harbin Clinic partnered with several influential community members to create the Sports Health Foundation.  Our mission statement declares that the foundation seeks to promote “active lifestyles in a healthy community.”  We seek to achieve this goal through a variety of programs and events that emphasize athletics, wellness, or physical activity.  The foundation owns extensive event hosting equipment – including a race timing system, tables, chairs, tents, coolers, other supplies, and a trailer to transport it all.  We provide event management and consulting services available free of charge to local and regional entities who want to host events but lack the experience, expertise, and/or funds – such as church groups, charities, school PTA’s, and even our county government.  The foundation also works with groups who want to improve the quality of an existing event.  We have several events of our own that we host, and we have also created wellness initiatives such as our “Couch to 5K” running program.  In under two years of existence, we have been involved with over 30 different events or programs, including 10K/5K races, health walks, tennis tournaments, youth soccer programs, bicycling races and community rides, and wellness initiatives.  We have worked with our city government to help fund and develop a network of multi-use recreational trails at Rome’s own Jackson Hill area.  Future projects include further trail development, playground construction, and expansion of our list of partners for event production.

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